Lynx headsets, Lynx helmets, Lynx aircraft and aviation intercom equipment for ultralight and S-LSA Light Sport Aircraft.

The Lynx Micro System is specially designed to provide excellent performance in open-cockpit aircraft such as trikes, powered-parachutes, and open-cockpit fixed-wing planes. The Lynx Micro System is designed and manufactured in England, using the latest electronic technology to produce the most advanced aircraft intercom equipment available. The system is modular in design and can be configured to meet any specific requirement by selecting the appropriate component parts.

Lynx Micro System

The Lynx "Micro System" consists of headsets which contain the intercom circuitry and their own rechargeable batteries. Two headsets can be coupled together for excellent intercom function, with each headset having its own volume control. The headsets can be used with or without the Lynx helmets. And, the headsets can be used with radio-interface units to allow for radio as well as intercom communication.

The components of the Lynx Micro System are listed and priced below. If you have any questions, please call us at 812-384-4972 or email us at

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great for S-LSA Light Sport Aircraft!
Lynx Micro System - Headset, Helmet and Visor
The Lynx helmet is designed specifically for use with the Lynx headsets, which combine with the helmet to form an integrated assembly. The helmet is manufactured from polycarbonate with a molded Styrene trauma liner and perforated velour fabric lining. Weighing only 900 grams, the helmet can be worn comfortably for extended periods. Threaded bushes are provided in the outer shell allowing an optional visor to be securely attached. Helmets are only available in white.
Helmet sizes available: S, M, L, XL, and XXL

Micro System helmet... $301.00
Micro System G3 headset... $554.00 (as described below)
optional flip-up visor... $98.00 (includes visor latch)
note: visors available with white peak as shown in photo, or with dark-tinted clear peak
optional visor-extension... $49.00 (photo) (photo)



Lynx Micro System G3 Headset

    The G3 headset is the latest Passive Noise Attenuation (PNR) version of the Micro System headset. The Micro System headset is a new generation of headset which forms the basis for an intercom system designed specifically for use in very high noise environments where wind noise may also be a problem.
    Each headset contains a specially developed electret noise cancelling microphone, an electronic speech processor and a rechargeable battery located in the headband. Connecting two headsets together forms an intercom providing communication for a minimum of fifty hours.
    The latest G3 features include a fifty percent increase in available headset volume and immunity to aircraft transponder and mobile telephone interference.
    The headset also now includes digital power management which protects the battery by putting the headset into a low power mode when no headset activity is detected. In addition, a switch is also provided on the headset to disable the battery if the headset is only used with a Powered Radio Interface and the battery function is not required.
    The headset includes a new patented internal structure and speaker technology. This unique internal design provides a significant improvement in passive noise attenuation and a reduction in the weight of the headset. The microphone is mounted in a rubber anti-shock holder and is protected by a foam wind shield that can be removed easily for cleaning or replacement.
    Micro System headsets can be connected to a radio via a range of interface units and are fully compatible with all available radio transceivers. Each headset battery can be recharged up to one thousand times, and does not suffer from Memory effect. The headset is noise attenuating and provides hearing protection in noise levels up to 110dB(A). All Lynx headsets are fitted with Silicone Gel ear seals and are fully adjustable.

    price... $554.00
    available headset colors: white, black, red, blue, gray, yellow, green and pink
Headset Coupling Adapter
Used to connect two headsets together (when a Radio Interface Unit is not being used).
price... $47.00
Dual Headset Charger
A compact 110v charger for charging two headsets simultaneously. Fitted with individual charge indicators.
price... $128.00
8also available: 220v wall charger, for use in countries with 220v systems...$ 128.00
also available: 12v car charger...$ 120.00
Radio Interface Unit
The Lynx Radio Interface is a portable interface unit for connecting one or two Micro System headsets to a portable radio. The Radio Interface has been redesigned and now has interchangeable radio leads so that the Radio Interface can be purchased with the appropriate lead for whichever radio you wish to use. The interface now includes the electronics to connect music players and telephones and accepts the same audio and telephone leads as the Audio Adapter. It also includes new features such are radio-priority audio muting and an audible key tone which indicates when the PTT switches are used. The Radio Interface has a built-in PTT button as well as a socket to also allow the use of a Lynx remote PTT switch. Available with your choice of a straight or curly-cord cable to the radio. (the radio cable is included with the Radio-Interface unit)   instructions
price... $517.00
click for larger photo Radio/Power Interface
An interface unit for the connection of one or two headsets to a hand-portable radio. Two selective PTT sockets are provided, enabling each headset to transmit independently. An audio socket is also provided, allowing sound (from an IPOD or CD player) to be played into the system or the intercom audio to be recorded. When connected to a suitable 12v power supply, the unit will supply power to a radio and Micro System headsets.   instructions
price... $416.00
also available: 12v power cord... $26.00
also available: audio input-output cable... $38.00   instructions

Velcro-Mount PTT Switch
A Push-To-Transmit switch with one meter of coiled cable and a Velcro strap for mounting.
price... $62.00
Screw-Mount PTT Switch
A small switch for yoke, panel or column mounting with two meters of cable included.
price... $57.00

Audio Adapter System
The Lynx Audio Adapter has been redesigned to allow up to three external audio devices to be connected to a Micro System headset at the same time. Three different audio leads are available which provide connections for mobile telephones, music players, satellite radios, video cameras and video recorders. The leads may be used in any combination: which means that a cell phone and an IPOD can now be used at the same time.

The Audio Adapter is for use with the Micro System headsets and provides a connection for a Cell Phone Lead and an Audio Input-Output Cable (the audio cable allows for the connection of an IPOD or CD player, or connection to a camcorder).   instructions

Audio Adapter... $414.00
Cell Phone Lead... $57.00
Audio Input-Output Cable... $38.00

Radio Adapter
For solo flying, this is a portable interface unit for connecting a single Micro System headset to a radio. Includes a built-in PTT switch, a socket for connecting a separate PTT switch, and includes two sockets to allow the connection of an Audio Input-Output Cable and a Cell Phone Lead.   instructions
price... $515.00
Leather Helmet
A soft leather helmet with padded chamois lining for use with a Lynx headset. The helmet is fitted over the headset and combines with it to form an integrated assembly. Handmade to resemble a World War II fighter helmet, and weighing only 270 grams, this helmet is ideal for use in classic open-cockpit aircraft.
Popular with powered-parachute pilots!
price... $380.00
Helmet Goggles
Authentic MARK 49 goggles with brass frames and hand-stitched leather face mask.
price... $135.00
Twin Jack Adapter
An adapter for use in General Aviation, allowing Micro System headsets to be connected to existing GA aircraft intercom systems.
price... $201.00
Helmet Bag
A cloth bag with draw-string to hold a single helmet.
price... $16.00

also available: Headset Bag... $14.00

    Lynx system without helmets...

        2 - G3 headsets at $554.00@,  1 - dual charger at $128.00,  and 1 - headset coupling adapter at $47.00, for a total price of $1283.00
    Lynx system including helmets...
        2 - helmets at $301.00@,  2 - headsets at $554.00@,  1 - dual charger at $128.00,  and 1 - headset coupling adapter at $47.00, for a total price of $1885.00
    and if you are going to use a radio...
        add either a standard Radio-Interface unit or a Radio-Power Interface unit


    Lynx aircraft-band antenna (with 1-meter or 2-meter cable) (photo1) (photo2) (photo3) (photo4) (schematic) instructions ..... $105.00 (3, 4 or 5-meter cables are $20.00 additional cost)
    Micro System in-line headset battery (instructions) ..... $138.00
    headset converter - twin-jack (allows use of GA twin-jack headset with the Lynx radio-power interface unit) (photo) (instructions) ..... $241.00
    headset extension lead (1 or 2 meter length) (photo) (schematic) ..... $110.00
    headset panel extension lead (1 meter) (photo) (schematic) ..... $145.00
    headset panel adapter (photo) (schematic) ..... $104.00
    PTT connector and lead (for those who already have a PTT switch) (photo) (schematic) ..... $33.00
    PTT extension lead (2-meter) (schematic) ..... $73.00
    Radio Splitter (for use with 2nd radio) (photo) (schematic) ..... $534.00
    small power supply filter (photo) (schematic) ..... $135.00
    large power supply filter (photo) (schematic) ..... $65.00
    radio power adapter 11V13 (for use of radio-power interface with ICOM A6/A24 radios) (photo) (schematic) instructions ..... $132.00
    headset switching adapter (photo) (schematic) ..... $24.00
    headset lead splitter (photo) (schematic) ..... $195.00
    headset lead combiner (photo) (schematic) ..... $195.00
    Lynx "Pilot" headset (twin-jack headset for use in General Aviation aircraft) ..... $510.00
    Lynx gel-cell ear seals for the Lynx headsets (photo) (standard on Lynx headsets since July 2004) instructions ..... $42.00/pair
    Lynx visor extension (photo) (photo) ..... $49.00

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